How can I enter the race?

You can register for the race on this site:

I see a lot of races during race weekend on Bled. What is the main race?

The main race is Middle Distance triathlon Individual. At the same time will be also Relay race and Aquabike race. The distances are the same (1,9 – 86 – 21).
Side eventrs on the days before are Evening run, Midday aquathlon and Morning swim.

Are there also PRO athletes on start line?

Yes, we do have Pro triathletes. On individual MD race. And Age groupers too, on Individual, Relay and Aquabike race.

How much is prize money fond?

The prize pool is 25,000 euros, divided into equal parts by gender.

When is a Race Day?

The first race (Evening Run) starts on Friday, 5/15/2020.
They follow on Saturday Morning Swimming and Midday Aquathlon. The main competition, however, is on Sunday, 5/17/2020 at 7am.

Is the start of the race in Mala or in Velika Zaka ?

The start is in Velika Zaka, the transition area is in Mala Zaka and the finnish area is in Velika Zaka.

How much is the entry fee?

Different according to the application deadline.
Detailed info at:

Can I see the entries of the competitors?

Of course, on the official application site:

Are there age limits and cut off times on the courses?

Of course, the minimum age is 18 years.

Swimming time limit is 1:10 h,
for the bicycle cut off time is 5:30 h (from the swim start)
and for the run is 8:30 h (from the swim start).

Can I pass my Start number to someone else?


Can I cancel my registration?

Yes, up until 2 months before the race you can cancel and get share of your money back.
See Cancelation chapter:

Can I transfer my Start number to another race or another year?


How many Aid Stations will be available on bike and run course?

There will be 3 Aid stations on bike course and 9 Aid stations on run course.

How many climbs are on the bike course?

On the bike course there are only one hill, devided on two climbs (flat section on half way up).
From 35 km (600m) to 66 km (1340 m) is 740 m of altitude and average grade 5,5 %.
Altogether, there is a 1130 m altitude on the whole course.

Accommodation – how can I book the hotel?

To book a hotel, go to the next page: